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I'm changing hosts to I'd like to use the Joomla Appliance to avoid the server configuration and ongoing security update issues. However, my Joomla site has too many add-ons and existing content for me to want to recreate it step-by-step. While the installation is highly customized, there are no edits to the core files. Will the following steps work?

1. Install appliance
2. Confirm that my existing installation and the appliance are the same Joomla version.
3. FTP old Joomla installation without the .htaccess and config.php files.
4. Empty the new SQL tables.
5. Upload the old SQL

I also have a question about security updates on tech support doubts that the application software updates are automatic, just the environment software. For example, Joomla updates are not automated, but Ubuntu, Apache, php, mysql,etc. updates are automated.

Does anyone on this forum have experience with this issue on If so, please confirm one way or the other. Thanks.


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With regards to migrating joomla, I would recommend you download the joomla appliance and experiment in a virual environment. It should be much quicker and easier to test the migration locally.

Security updates are explained here. Just to be clear, only security updates are installed automatically, regular updates are left to the system administrator. Joomla updates do happen, see this thread for more information.

I hope the above helps.

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