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Can you install VMware tools on core appliance and if so - how?

Thanks a bunch. 

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Take a look at this thread.
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For ESX you need to do   (sys=ssh prompt,  VM=ESX console):
sys : apt-get install build-essential gcc gnupg
sys : apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`
VM : Guest -> install vmtools cd
sys : mount /dev/cdrom /mnt
sys : cp /mnt/VM*tar.gz /tmp
sys : cd /tmp; tar -xzf VM*tar.gz; rm VM*tar.gz; cd vm*distrib ; ./
        use for all questions the default.
VM:  deinstall vmtools cd
sys : reboot
On the console you will see the vmware tools being started.

QUOTE:  ech`echo xiun|tr nu oc|sed 'sx\([sx]\)\([xoi]\)xo un\2\1 is xg'`ol

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 Thanks Hans,


I get this straignt away:


E: Couldn't find package build-essential

E: Couldn't find package build-essential
I am using the CORE install.


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I'd just like to point out that the new VM build contains a lightweight version of VMWare tools. Check it out. Tip: currently, you'll want to use VMWare's OVF conversion tool since there seems to be an issue with using the VMDK as-is. I'm working on that.
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Could they be included in future releases too?

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I talked to him about this a few days ago. He looked and it and we decided not to add VirtualBox tools because the benefits aren't worth the extra complexity it adds to the appliance.

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