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how much of postfix is automatically configured out of the box with a turnkey appliance?  what steps do i need to take to start receiving emails?

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With some appliances (e.g., LAMP) postfix is configured to support sending out emails. For security reasons we bind postfix to localhost by default so other servers can't connect to it to send you emails.

In other words, if you want to receive emails you'll need to tweak the configuration a bit:

  • Set inet_interfaces to 'all' instead of 'localhost'
  • add your domain to mydestination (or virtual_alias_domains as the case might be)
  • set up the DNS MX record to point to the appliance.

Also, unless you are rerouting mail to another server, you'll want to install an IMAP or POP3 server such as dovecot so you can get at those emails once you receive them.

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Thanks a million.
Setting inet_interfaces=all and adding mymaildomain.org to the mydestination list sorted me out.

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Have a look at the Debian Postfix Wiki to get you started (TKL v12.x is based on Debian 6.0 - so anything that works for Debian 6.0 should work on TKL). I would imagine that there are setup instructions available for project-open.org but google is probably quite a good resource for that sort of thing too.

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Hy guys

So I'm trying to use postfix to send emails from joomla.

What do i set in the :


  • from email
  • smtp username

Omar S. Ahmed

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TKL appliances have Postfix already preconfigured so all you should need to do is configure the info in Joomla itself...

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So I messed up the default main.cf, where can I get the one preconfigured for turnkey LAMP (Debian Version)

Omar S. Ahmed

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Btw, how can I add another appliance to my existing setup, I have LAMP, but I want to add CANVAS and Others

Omar S. Ahmed

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Or you will have issues sending out emails!

Chris Musty


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