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E.g I want to use both twiki and trac and joomla (please, just suppose) , and I have only one real (windows?) PC. And I want to use TK appliances for both.

And all addresses below should work.




I think I can install an other apache that will rewrite real ip addresses and ports according to urls?


thanks a lot

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Its technically possible (but error prone) to do what you are proposing. An easier way would be to use subdomains, and point them to the relevant appliance, for example:
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Thanks for the quick answer! How can I set up subdomains though? Through webmin? Do I need a DNS?

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Well, it mainly depends on your network configuration, and what your objective is.

LAN access
If you want to provide access to computers on your LAN, you can either configure their hosts files, or use DNS internally.

Internet access
If you want to provide access to the VM's from the internet, you need to setup DNS A records, assuming the VM IP addresses are accessible from the internet.

If this is not the case, and you have NAT'ed connection, its more complicated, and you might need to go with your original idea of using a proxy if the url is important. On the other hand, it might be simpler to configure your router to listen on different ports and forward them to the relevant IP, for example:
http://router_ip:81 -> twiki_ip
http://router_ip:82 -> joomla_ip
http://router_ip:83 -> trac_ip
The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to help.

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