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In order to get WordPress downloaded to my PC I've downloaded TurnKey Appliance for Wordpress. I'm only familiar with Linux and Ubuntu by name, not operationally. I've got the files downloaded and un-zipped to a temp folder. Now what ? No "exe" folder like Windows of course  to load and set this up. What's next ? Appreciate any advice, but remember, I know enough about the various system folders to be dangerous !

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Welcome to the wonderful world of TKL!

Now I am assuming you wish to run this as an application on your local computer (ie on your PC, not on a dedicated server). As Turnkey Linux (TKL) is a stand alone Operating System (ie designed so it can be installed directly onto hardware instead of Windows etc) if you wish to travel this path you will need to install an application which can run TKL as a Virtual Computer/Machine (often shortened to VM). There are many different programs available such as VirtualBox, VMware, VirtualPC etc. I would recommend installing VirtualBox (its available for Windows, MacOS and Linux) and then you can follow the instructions here. You can use either the VM image or the iso (the tutorial I linked to covers both). The VM image is probably better suited, quicker and easier although if you already have the iso downloaded you can mount that as a virtual CD in VirtualBox and install from that.

Then just play to your hearts content. With TKL running as a virtual machine you can be as dangerous as you like (on the VM) - worst case scenario is that you completely bork it and have to start again form scratch (install a new VM). Having said that if you actually produce something you like in WordPress and wish to keep, backups are a really good idea!

Another thing to keep in mind is that TKL appliances are basically Ubuntu Server 8.04 under the hood so generally documentation relating to Ubuntu Server is relevant to TKL. There is more info and some handy links here.

If you have any other issues I'm more than happy to try and help out if I can.

Good luck!

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