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Hello again.

I'm interested in customizing the installer.

I want to change things like default partition layout. add some dialog boxes for passwords and stuff like that.

What would be the right way of doing that ?

Where can I can the debian installer sources ?




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Maybe you missed it but our development page includes links to our GitHub account where we host a repository for di-live (and a few other components).

Study di-live source code to understand how it works. It's really not that complicated. There is a nice modular hooking mechanism we use to support adding dialogs to different appliances (e.g., password for MySQL on appliances that have MySQL). Maybe you can use that for some of the changes you want.

Regarding how to go about making the changes you want, you'll want to setup a good testing environment first. Then you iterate through the development cycle until di-live does what you want. For the testing environment I recommend you set up a virtual machine and run TurnKey Core live, then rsync your modified di-live to Core and test the installation. Rinse, repeat. Of course, there's no substitute for experimentation.

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Have you teared town the original debian installer to skip things like hostname/locale/timezeone settings ?

I'm interested in putting all that back, I can use your wonderful di-live.d hooking but it's already part of a normal debian/ubuntu installation.

Is there a way to put those back ?

Many thanks.


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We didn't start with debian-installer and tear stuff out. We're leveraging scripts from debian-installer and using them in an entirely new context. Alon wrote di-live so he's the authority on how it works. I'm guessing it probably shouldn't be too difficult add that stuff in. I'll ask him about it.

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