Just installed the Drupal6 appliance, and have the following questions/problems:

1. Email notification not sent: e.g on creating a new user in Drupal

2. I need to upload a contributed theme and place it in '/sites/all/themes/yourThemeNamee' , where do I find this.

Would appreciate the guidance,



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1) Maybe the email wasn't sent out because the appliance isn't able to reach the Internet. Try pinging (Google's DNS service).

2) The path you mentioned is in /etc/drupal/6.

Hope this helps!

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Hello, I think I need to send e-mail out another port, but my service provider may not allow any SMTP through their router or whatever. I'm not sure. Do people send mail out alternative ports? I might have to go back to the module that uses Gmail. Thanks

PS - Do I have to turn off the mail, Postfix? I installed PHPMailer, but the site still is not sending out mail.

PPS - Can anyone help me set up Postfix to relay through my service provider? I just spent too many hours trying myself. I think something's wrong with a hostname somewhere. That and it wants to send a letter from www-data@my.domain to my Webin Postfix inbox.

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