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Hello all:

I just came across this site and have to say I am very impressed with the depth of appliances you have developed.

We are a hosting company.  We have been offering CentOS based VPS instances using KVM virtualization.  Integrating this project into our service will allow us to offer a much wider range of options to customers.

I am looking for help on how to create an automated web-based system to allow customers to choose an appliance and install it on a VPS.  Is there a guide on doing that?

Thank you,

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Hi Neil!

I just replied to the email you sent me. We use KVM based virtualization for testing, so it shouldn't be too hard to get you up and running. We might have to tweak things for performance a bit though. Haven't looked into that yet.

There's a nice forum thread discussing alternative platforms we could use to develop a meta-TurnKey appliance that can run other appliances. That's probably the closest we have to what you are looking for currently. At least one of those systems (Enomaly) can integrate with billing and provide a customer self-service portal, but I'm guessing that part isn't available in the community version.

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From the forum thread, it seems Proxmox does what I am looking for.  If we could add the TKL appliances to its list of pre-configured appliances, that might yield a solution.  I am going to play with it.

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Does anyone know of a browser based VNC client that works on Linux?  I can only find ActiveX ones that require Windows on the client machine.

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ultravnc -

realvnc -

tightvnc -


If you are using any of those for the server, these docs should help.

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That is precisely what I was looking for.

Thank you for the info.  For some reason Google kept leading me to ActiveX based systems.

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But for the record Proxmox uses a Java implementation of VNC (I'm not sure which VNC client it actually uses. It works really well for console but it a little laggy with Desktop OSs.

Good luck trying out Proxmox.

For your interest, they have just forked their kernel development so if you are happy with KVM only, you can use 2.6.32, otherwise they have kernel 2.6.24 with OpenVZ support.

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