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I use VMWare VSphere 4.  I downloaded the MediaWiki appliance, and went to install it (Deploy OVF Template > Choose MediaWiki OVF file > .. ) and I got an error message that won't let me continue:

The OVF package is invalid and cannot be deployed.
Line 9: Unsupported value '' for attribute 'format' on element 'Disk'

I haven't ever done anything with appliances, and am unsure what this actually is saying.  I would guess that it means it is trying to get the vmdk files from the vmware website.  am I close?

Is there another way I should be installing the appliance, rather than deploying the OVF file?


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This is a known issue. See also this thread. ESX 3.5 and vSphere (ESX 4.0) seem to use slightly different OVF formats. Users users have reported success using ovftool to convert the provided OVF into a format supported by vSphere.

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