I think I am encountering a partition error that seems fixed in ..


I have an old PC (AMD) with 1GB ram.

I have previously installed Ubuntu 9.10 with out issues and am trying to replace that with Turnkey File server.  However when I get to the partition screen it shows 2 blank rows that I cannot select along with others like modifiy partition.  When I attempt to continue, I get the error mentioned above.

Like others posting here I'm new to Turnkey and am very interested in your project.



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so unless you are using a really old iso I don't think your problem directly relates to that bug (although it may be a problem with the same package).

Another possibility that springs to mind is that perhaps your PC uses an odd or otherwise unsupported harddrive controller (that has since had support added to the Linux kernel, hence it working with 9.10)? As I'm a Linux noob myself (although getting there slowly) I can't really offer a lot more, beyond suggesting that you post as much info as you can about your motherboard/cpu/harddrive as that may be useful for Alon and Liraz to try to work out the issue?

So basically, I have no idea how to work around an issue such as this in Linux I'm not much help really - hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will be along soon!

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Not sure what is going on and it's hard to guess because I don't have much to go on. The bug in launchpad was fixed before the release batch that included the file server appliance. It might be helpful if you could provide more information. Perhaps also a few screenshots. If it's a physical server you might need to use an actual camera!

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