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 I've just tried to get the vm version of the Redmine appliance to startup on my VMware server 1.0.8 on Windows XP SP3.

I'm sure I've done it right (no docs I could find about installing on VMware).

  1. unzipped downloaded zip file
  2. Added it to my inventory
  3. set networking NAT, ram 512mb.

When it starts up it spends some time trying to network boot, then complains it can't find a CDROM to boot from.

Is it not compatible with VMserver 1 ?

Would getting the ISO version get round this problem?

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 Using the ISO image and installing from that went very smoothly.

I'm really impressed with the "Web Shell", looks like I'll not need to roll my own VMs from now on.


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I am glad you figure out the problem you were having.

I also agree the shell in a box is an amazing useful utility.

Have fun with your new appliance!

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