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Rails on ec2 error...

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After following the instructions here: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/ec2/launch

to the T for the third time, I decided to post here.

I receive this error:


Thank you for your help.


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Amazon link gives me an error

The Amazon link gives me an error

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Hmmm....prior the error was problem with rails application

Any ideas?
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Never used EC2


I have not used EC2 so I can't offer any insight there.  I have only tested the appliances on my company's servers.



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If you try port 12321 you'll see the turnkey installed okay

It's only the rails app thAt's throwing 500 errors. I've trident over and over with brand new instances and volumes each time leading to a dead end with eithe 500 or a phusion problem loading rails application error. When I try to update with gem update --system i receive no repository error

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Are you using ebsmount-scripts?

The ebsmount-scripts might be causing the issues, so could you please try without them. Note the experimental notice in the docs:
# please note that the ebsmount-scripts are highly experimental
BTW, we are working on a much more elaborate and stable solution for backup (and migration), which will eventually replace the ebsmount-scripts.
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Yes I'm trying to use ebs-mount

I did note the experiment disclaimer in the docs however it doesn't work before I run the ebs-mount scripts. When running the ebs- mount scripts everything says ok until the rails service which just says fail. A quick question: after Installing the appliance, should the railsapp demo app be working right away? Do I need to launch ruby script/server from Inside the demo app? do I need to create my own app for the appliance to work?

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The railsapp should work right away

The railsapp should work right away, you don't need to do anything.

Did you make any changes after the system booted? I'll do a test in a VM, and if that works I'll test it on EC2...

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So now it's working properly?

I installed again and it seems to be working: http://ec2-67-202-53-214.compute-1.amazonaws.com/

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Solved: Yes! Now it is working...

Thank you TurnKeyLinux for a great product and super duper community support.

Attention New Users, be sure to follow deployment instructions here for Ruby on Rails app in Amazon ec2 and elsewhere I'd suppose:




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