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I am trying to burn the LAMP .iso files to cd, but the extracted files are bigger than the standard 700MB CD-R.  How can I get around this ?



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My copy of the LAMP ISO file is 169 MB so it should fit fine on a CD-R.

What did you extract?

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The easiest way is to just burn the iso as it is. An iso is a disk image ready to go! If you extract and repackage then it won't boot (unless you set it up to boot yourself).

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I burned the ISO with Ahead Nero, bau the CD don't boot on the PS where I want to install Fileserver appliance. Why?


Thank's a lot.



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My first guess would be a corrupted ISO. You can verify the image fairly easily from Linux but not sure how you do it with Windows. Have a look here at the docs for a starting point.

Even if the ISO is ok, it may have burned incorrectly. Generally it is advisable to burn at a slow speed. Most CD/DVD burning software allows for verification that the burned media is identical to the image it was burned from. Use that where you can.

Another thing you could try is installing to a VM. VirtualBox is a great free option. If you use the CD you burned to and it installs ok, then it must be an issue with your hardware (and/or BIOS and/or BIOS settings).

If it checks ok (and installs to VBox ok) then perhaps its a BIOS issue, a faulty optical drive, faulty harddrive or other hardware failure. Or it could be that there is some incompatability between your hardware and Linux (some hardware identifying itself incorrectly so Linux loading the wrong drivers?).

I'm not sure how much I can help but if you can provide more info then there is a chance I can help you out. First thing we'll probably need is clear explanation of the exact behaviour that your system is displaying and/or the exact error message (word for word would be brilliant). Also telling me what hardware you are using may also be helful.

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