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I'm working on a very complex plugin for wordpress which a client requires.

I needed a local (internal nework) testbed which permitted me to use wordpress, and be able to update the plugin as I went along - after fighting with fedora for over a week (couldn't get wordpress to even install) I've decided to try this version - and wordpress is running.

What I need to know is how to set up the ftp to permit uploading to the wordpress installation.

Is there documentation here, or can someone please give some guidance?

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If you connect (on port 22) as the root user you have complete access to the whole filesystem.

Depending on your usage scenario you may be better off creating a specific user account that is parrallel to the account that Wordpress runs under (www-data I think - the account Apache, MySQL and php run under).

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I'm confused - cannot login using filezilla with my root user credentials (shell login on box works fine) - what am I missing

Solved problem - caused by incorrect keyboard mapping (I'm using a Belgian azerty keyboard - tkl assumes us qwerty hence typing a is read as q)

Would it be possible to include keyboard setup in the install procedure in a future release?

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We'll have to take a closer look at this in a future release. In a nutshell anything that adds to the complexity of the installation process is something we have to think carefully about. Perhaps instead we could document a workaround...

Also, one of the problems with adding international support is that's it is a bit difficult for us to test it (e.g., I don't have a Belgian azerty keyboard).

This is one of the areas where the community could play a big role.

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