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Hi, I'm trying to upgrade subversion to 1.6.x but having a hell of a time.  I can add backports to my sources.list and can upgrade to 1.5.  I've been trying to download source files, but looks like 1.6 requires some apache dev files for APR integration.  apt-get on hardy / tkl does not want to get these sources.

So bottom line, has anyone successfully upgraded subversion on their TKL vm to 1.6 on ubuntu hardy?  and if so, could you post the steps on how you did it?

Thanks in advance!


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You can get 1.6 from the following PPA:

Discussion here:

Please let me know if you are successful because I also need to upgrade mine. 

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Hi simon,

I've tried many methods for this... I've downloaded the source for subversion, however I just cannot get it to build on the TKL vm for some reason.  Mainly it has to do with some apache dependecies. 

I have not had any luck upgrading subversion on the TKL box.

Any suggestions or step by step howto guides would help.  I've already visited the sites you mentioned above, but could not get the binaries in place.


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I must admit I'm surprised the PPA repo didn't work, or perhaps I've just had incredibly good luck with PPAs.

If you're completely stuck and can't wait to see what happens with the next TKL release, then maybe worth trying to just do a full 1.6.x Subversion setup from TKL Core.

If you go that way then please document your process, or better still make a TKLPatch so others can follow in your footsteps.

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 I successfully upgraded using the PPA I posted above. The process was straightforward with no complications. 

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