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new version of torrent server handler?

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new (linux) user - Got LAMP up and running, and it works well.  Somehow easier than I would of thought. 

The newest version of Firefox will not allow for the download of the Torrent Server Handler plug-in.  I was curious if there was a new version of the plug in, in the works or if downgrading ff was the best option at this point?



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Possible workaround to install current Firefox Addon

I'm not sure if the Devs are working on a new one, but you could try to just install the current one. This is not guaranteed to work as Firefox has made a few significant changes between 3.5 and 3.6 but I think its worth a shot. You will only need to do a minor modification as follows.

Download the current .xpi. The .xpi files are just a .zip file with a different file extension. So open the .xpi with an archive tool (you may need to change the file extension to .zip) and extract the files. Open the install.rdf with a plain text editor. Look for a section in the code that resembles this:

<!-- FireFox -->

It will not look exactly like this as I took it from another extension (Adblock Plus). It should be fairly self explanatory. As you may be able to see the Adblock Plus extension will install on any version of Firefox from 3.0.12 (minVersion) through to 3.7a1pre (maxVersion). Basically you need to change the maxVersion value (it will probably be 3.5.* or similar in TKL Torrent addon). I suggest just changing it to 3.6.* (yes you can use an asterisk (*).

Once you have edited install.rdf then repackage the extension as a zip file and change the extension from .zip back to .xpi. Then install. You can either just drag and drop it into Firfox, or in Firefox, File>>Open File>>browse to .xpi you created.

Good luck and I'm sure the community would be pleased to hear how you (or anyone else) go with that and if it does indeed work.

 If it does work, prehaps you could attach your modified .xpi so others can use it.

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The install has worked, and I

The install has worked, and I will post the xpi however I want to make sure it is working properly.

Currently when I save a link, the server is getting stuck at 'parsing html url'.  Is this a Server issue or a plug in issue?

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I had the same problem.

I had the same problem. I just created a new VM and will try again. I was told to try uploading the torrent manually but I'm not sure I know how to do that so I have to play with it a little more.

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Perhaps Firefox 3.6 has broken something important with the torrent handler?! Maybe thats whats causing this problem...?

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I tried to input the link

I tried to input the link into donkey directly, and it did the same thing.  I am currently redoing the VM, and router settings to make sure it is properly configured to access the world.  But this leads me to believe it is an issue with the VM's software, and not with the plug in.  I just want to make sure, so more testing is needed.

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I have created a new VM, and

I have created a new VM, and setup my network and firewall settings accordingly.  I am still having the issue with 'parsing html url'.  I do not believe this to be a TKL problem, but instead an mldonkey problem.

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MLDonkey forums

If you think its MLDonkey, then perhaps have a look/post over on their forums.

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I am running FF 3.5 and still

I am running FF 3.5 and still getting these errors. I had it working yesterday, although I didnt change anything, but it is not working today.

Maybe I will try to install from the ISO instead of using the VM.

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I am running FF 3.5 and still

I am running FF 3.5 and still getting these errors. I had it working yesterday, although I didnt change anything, but it is not working today.

Maybe I will try to install from the ISO instead of using the VM.

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FYI- I have been installing

FYI- I have been installing from the ISO

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Any update on this? I am

Any update on this? I am still unable to download anything because of the "Parsing URL".

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I have been unable to get it

I have been unable to get it to work properly as well.  I've tried punching holes in the router firewall, turning off the software firewall, and reinstalling the VM from scratch.  Still nothing. 

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Not sure why but it is

Not sure why but it is working again for me. Pretty weird that it works randomly - I havent changed anything.

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Looks like it stopped working

Looks like it stopped working again. Now when I try to download a torrent using the FireFox plugin I get an error saying the connection has been reset while the page was loading.

I get the same error when I go to the advanced section of the web interface where I monitor the downloads.

I really wish I could get this thing working in a stable environment.

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Ever since my downloads

Ever since my downloads stopped this afternoon, when I click on on Basic I get taken to a "Clutch Web Interface" whereas before I got taken to "Plex GUI" -- which is it supposed to be?

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Sorry I am unfamilar with TKL Torrent Server

You'll need some input for the TKL Devs (Alon and Liraz) to troubleshoot this problem. Or perhaps MLDonkey if you think that's the problem.

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I installed on a new VM from

I installed on a new VM from the ISO and was able to start downloading 2 torrents. All of a sudden, the same thing! In the middle of downloading my torrents I got the error!

My next step is to try on a physical machine before giving up.

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Sounds like a networking issue

I don't think this is an issue with mldonkey or the appliance otherwise it wouldn't work for anyone. Could it be a networking (e.g., port forwarding) or ISP issue? Some ISPs are known to do anti-P2P stuff...
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I am sure my ports are setup

I am sure my ports are setup correctly because it has worked in the past. I am also able to download torrents using my other computers, just not the appliance itself.

Can anyone confirm that they have successfully used this appliance in a reliable state?

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I gave up on using it, and

I gave up on using it, and just went the basic Ubuntu route, and remote in to control the torrent client.  Thought it sounds like you got further than I did.

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I gave up on using it

Hi there,

too bad the version of MLdonkey is sooooo out-dated.

Also i cannot connect to it using sancho (modifying the downloads.ini for that rendered mldonkey unuseable).

Any activity on it from within the turnkey community?

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Well, the latest updates

Well, the latest updates really did fix some of the bug issues associated with LAMP and I can really feel the full functionality of the program. Anyway, I was also wondering why the latest versions of Firefox are not supporting the Torrent Server Handler plugin. I am not sure whether it is the compatibility issues of the plugin or the Firefox’s latest version that is causing the problem. Anyway, I am going to try out the workaround Jed suggested here!

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