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Hi Everyone!

I have started using  Tomcat on Apache Appliance. I deploy apps with success but I can't run them. When I  try to open app from tomcat manager I get apache information "The requested URL /app10 was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) mod_jk/1.2.25 mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.8g Server at Port 443". Default installed apps like admin and host-manager work well.

Thanks for any help

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I'm having the same problem as above.  I'm able to upload a .WAR file through the Tomcat web application manager, which the Tomcat web application manager then believes it has deployed successfully.

However when I try to access the application I'm told the file is not there. 

I have looked in the /var/www folder and there are no files there for my application.  If I extract the files from my WAR file there myself and try to access the web application the .jsp files are served up without being processed by Tomcat (i.e. as downloadable files).

I have tried uploading my .WAR file to your standalone Tomcat Applicance and it works there, so there must be something wrong if going through exactly the same procedure does not work on your Tomcat on Apache appliance?


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It seems this is a common problem and now more than 2 months old.

Any support?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry guys for the lack of response, we're in the middle of a development cycle for a major feature (backup and migration) and it's taking up most of our resources. It would be a big help if others in the community who know their Apache could take a stab at this and help figure it out.

Meanwhile I've filed a new bug report and we'll be taking a closer look at this for the next release batch:

This is probably the result of a bad Apache configuration directive. If anyone figures it out, post the fix here.

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Sorry for the late response, I just found this thread from the bug report Liraz posted (I'm cleaning house for the Lucid release).

The tomcat-apache appliance is a little different to the standalone tomcat appliance. It uses apache to proxy back requests to tomcat using Mod JK. Therefore, each application/war that you want apache to know about, needs to be configured in /etc/tomcat5.5/mod_jk.conf

I provided an example in this thread.

Note to self: update the appliance page / documentation with this information.

Great appliance.  And this old forum reply did just the trick getting the proxy working.  A quick reference to this on the the appliance page might save some confusion for those of us still learning.

Thanks guys.  Love your work!


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You're absolutely right. I added a link from the appliance page to the doc page. It still needs to be fleshed out [ hint hint :) ] but at least includes links to the relevant threads at the moment. 

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i had installed tomcat 7 and deployed my application.application login page also comming but when i sellect option from my appication its not opening popup window where i am going to select option and it will pull data and display .

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This is a really old thread and on face value your issue doesn't even seem relevant to . So please open a new thread. Also if you want any useful help we'll need to know more information.

Things to include in your new thread:

  • What version of TurnKey Linux you are using (e.g. v14.0) - If you're not sure; run 'turnkey-version' from the commandline
  • Whether you are using the standalone Tomcat appliance or the Tomcat over Apache one
  • Details about what application you are trying to install. If it's your own custom app; why you are sure that it's a problem with TurnKey rather than your app.
  • All the steps that you have tried so far to troubleshoot your issue
  • Any other info that might be relevant (e.g. verbatim error messages, copies of logs etc)
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    Hi ,

    i am trying to access a web app hosted on tomcat via aoache.

    Initially I got the error ' Object not found'

    I changed the Documentroot directory to the path of the app where it is hosted.

    Now i get the error ' Access Forbidden'.

    How do i give access to the tomcat folder?

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    Considering your post, it seems like you may not have read the rest of this thread...

    Please do that first. If you still have an issue, please open a new thread.

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