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Is the turnkey domain controller appliance going to be updated? if it is when? and will it have Samba 4?

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I can't speak for the Devs but to the best of my knowledge nothing has changed since we last spoke about Samba 4 here on the forums. To recap:

- Updated TKL Fileserver (based on Ubuntu 10.04) will be released (hopefully) soon after 10.04 (released end of this month). So I would like to think we should see it by mid to late May.

- it will most likely be based on Samba 3 because of stability. Samba 4 (alpha8+git20090912) is in the repos for 10.04 but it is experimental (hence alpha tag) and and from the Samba devs: "should not be used in production". As such I think it is highly unlikely that the next TKL Fileserver will use it.

- but as said before that doesn't mean you can't test/experiment/play with it yourself.

In fact perhaps you can familiarise yourself with TKL Patch and prepare for creating a patch for a TKL based Samba 4 appliance that you can share with the community.

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But I don't imagine that we will see a Samba4 TKL release anytime soon (at least not an official one). Considering it was only released in the last couple of days I don't imagine that you will see any 'production ready' Linux release for some time.

Beta2 is available in the Debian Wheezy (testing) repo (the basis of the next TKL release - v13.x) and as it is now frozen so I doubt that it will be updated (expecially considering that it is the same version in Sid/unstable).

So unless you install yourself from upstream then I imagine that an official Samba4 based appliance will be some time away (possibly year or 2).

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I agre that a PDCv2 appliance (using Samba4) would be nice, so I have added it to the (new GitHub based) Dev wiki.

TBH though unless someone takes a lead in developing it, I'm not sure when it will happen...

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