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More than one application in single appliance

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Hello folks,

My question is, Is it possible to run more than one application in single appliance. I am thinking of purchasing a turnkeylinux vps soon, and wondering if its possible to host my wordpress blog and a phpBB forum on the same appliance or not.

If yes, What are the necessary configuration that should be made if any.



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Yes but...

You will need to decide which appliance to use as the base and add the other software on top.

As TKL is currently Ubuntu Hardy/8.04 Server under the hood its as simple (or complicated) as it would be on that.

TKL will make it a fair bit easier though as you can see from the respective appliance pages (WordPress & phpBB) that they both include Apache2, php and MySQL so you'll only have to install WordPress or phpBB (on top of the alternate appliance - rather than all the basis as you would if installing from scratch). You'll need to do a bit of research and decide which is easier to install. Both phpBB and WordPress should be in the repos but they will both be old versions (older than included in TKL).

OTOH another option would be to just use the Wordpress appliance with a forum plugin. Have a google for "wordpress forum plugin", it looks like there are plenty of options, hopefully one of them will suit your needs.

Personally I'd play on a VM until you get the desired results (taking careful note of the steps you take) then replicate your steps on your cloud instance.

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Meta Package

I thought there is a meta package to install other applications. It would be cool if those packages are there or provided soon. like turnkey-wordpress to install wordpress or turnkey-phpBB to install phpBB... turnkey-whatever to install "whatever"...etc.



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