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I'm pretty new to this.

I recently downloaded Turnkey Drupal and used VirtualBox to get it going.

It seems like it's up (as far as I can tell) and I'm just not sure how to get to the main Drupal intallation page from the prompt.

Also - I can't ping the ip in the Previous set-up screen from my host maching but can from the prompt.

What's next? Thanks!

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So on your host machine, fire up your web browser and in the address bar type the appliance's ip address. On the config console screen (the first screen the appliance boots to before you login) you will find the ip address and the addresses for accessing other services (ip followed by :port).

FYI you don't need to login to your appliance at the command line to use it in the web browser. Other than initial setup (getting the ip address) and serious Linux administration you do not need to have the appliance VirtualBox window open at all, ever (the appliances are ideal to run on headless servers).

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Hey - Thanks but I can't access that ip from my browser or by pinging it.

I'm pretty sure I'm using the right ip from the screen that reads :

"You may access this Drupal6 appliance over the network using the following methods:  ... Web: ..."

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@Alex - the reason why you can ping that address from the prompt in the VirtualBox window, is that your appliance is pinging itself! Sorry I didn't read your initial post properly. You may have already covered (and understand) the following but I post it anyway to make the troubleshooting useful to Joel and any others who may read this. Sorry if its a bit overkill for you!

@Alex & Joel

If you can not ping the appliance using the ip address given on the Config Console screen

Config Console screenshot

( in the above example) then I strongly suspect you have some sort of networking issue that is not related directly to TKL.

Perhaps try reading through the setup tutorial (unless you have already, if so perhaps read through again to make sure you didn't miss something). Be aware that I think that tutorial is a slightly older version of VirtualBox than the current one, so things may be a little different.

Things to try:

  • Make sure the Networking (for your appliance) in VirtualBox is set to "Host only" or "Host Interface"/"Bridged Networking" (the name changed with newer versions). Note "Host only" will allow your host machine to connect, but not any other machine on your LAN (or anywhere else). Setting it to NAT (or similar - sorry not sure of terms as I don't use VirtualBox) will mean that it will get an external connection, but you'll have trouble getting in.
  • Perhaps check that the IP address your machine is getting is a good one. On your host system determine the IP address currently used by opening a CMD/Terminal window and typing the command ipconfig (Windows) or ifconfig (Linux). If the firsdt 3 sets of numbers are different than those appearing in your Config Console screen, try manually setting a static IP (in your TKL VM - you can do that with Config COnsole, steps should be self explanatory). Set an ip of where are the same as your host machine and yyy is a number between 1 and 254. Be aware that this will not work if you select a number already in use by another PC on your LAN, so if it doesn't work at first then try another number (1 and 254 are probably poor first choices as they are often used by routers). 50, 150 and 250 would probably be the ones I'd try first but no rhyme or reason and no guarantees.

Another thing to test is whether you are getting any internet access from within the TKL appliance. The easiest way to do that is login to your appliance locally (using the VirtualBox window) and try to ping out. You can try your host machine, your router, online ip addresses and websites (eg

If there is anything I've said that you don't understand or doesn't work please post back here and I will try to help you out.

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Thanks a ton - setting it to "Host only" did the trick for me.




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