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Help Adding Samba Users in PDC Appliance

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Hi All

I have my PDC setup in VMWare which works great and have also managed to join an XP client to the PDC

My problem is that for the life of me I cannot get any other users to logon - Only the default administrator account.

I have created some new users but they just don't show up on the list of Samba users even though I'm sure I have set them as smbusers.

I realise from Codehead's quick start guide that there are some "gotchas" so is there a step by step guide for successfully adding users so that they can logon via an XP machine?

Info greatly appreciated


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Linux users should be automatically synced with Samba users

and thus should automatically be available as domain users, but perhaps double check that. If you use the Webmin interface there is a "Sync Linux users & Samba users" button so you could press that to make sure.

I haven't used the PDC (only the Fileserver) so I'm not sure about logging in and what "gotchas" there may be. The only one I have come across is making sure that both the Linux (file) permissions and Samba (share) permissions are both set for files that are shared.

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Getting Somewhere Now!

Hi Buddy

OK I navigated to: Servers > Samba Windows File Sharing

Then went to: Configure automatic Unix and Samba user sync

In there I checked: Add a Samba user when a Unix user is added

Recreated a new user called Windows Test and this user now shows up in the list of Samba users automatically.

So far so good!

Now on the XP client, I can login to the Domain as Windows Test but I get a warning message regarding roaming profiles and that the XP client is going to use a local profile instead.

Any ideas?

Thanks again

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Once you've logged in on the remote machine

check that you have access to the server. If not, troubleshoot that making sure you have file permissions (using Linux user) set correctly, as well as share permissions (Samba user). The roaming data should be stored in your home directory (default is /home/<username> on the PDC) so you will need to have full access to that folder.

If you do have access, then try to sync your profile with the server. Also try loggining in and out a few times (I recall even on a Windows only 2k3 domain there were times that you have to log in and out twice to see the result of some changes).

Perhaps that is normal behaviour for the first log in? There would be no Windows user data on the server until you log in and sync the XP data to the server?

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Hi There Yes I can access

Hi There

Yes I can access the server via the XP client and can navigate to:

My Network Places > Entire Network > MS Windows Network > Domain > PDC and all relevant shares / folders are there.

Problem is that there is NO folder for Windows Test under:


The administrator one is present though!


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profiles location

profiles are located in /srv/storage/profiles

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Hi There

Yep understand that but there is nothing for the user Windows Test

Should I maybe create one using the File Manager?


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Check the group memberships for the Windows users

Sorry, I had intended to write up a guide for adding users, but got sidetracked by other stuff.

From what I remember, I had a similar issue with shares and profiles. The windows users have to be in both the windows and linux groups to get access to the remote filesystem and create/use the profile folder. I will try to confirm, but I'm going away for a few days so I'll apologise now if it takes me a while to post the info.

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No worries!

No worries buddy

It's still a work in progress.

Enjoy your time away!


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And I forgot to login for the above


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Got It Working - Yes!

Hi All

I got it working!

Not sure if its the correct way but here's what I did:

Navigated to File Manager then to: /srv/storage/profiles

Created a directory for Windows Test (user was already created)

Change the ownership to windows test and group name to smbusers via info button

Now it works!

A fully functioning Linux server for Windows clients - Brilliant

Goodbye CALs


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try this...


I haven't tested this, but it should work:
# create administrative user

useradd --create-home --shell=/bin/bash --groups=smbusers,smbadmins $USERNAME
echo $USERNAME:$PASSWORD | chpasswd -m
(echo $PASSWORD ; echo $PASSWORD ) | smbpasswd -a $USERNAME
	# create regular user

useradd --create-home --shell=/bin/bash --groups=smbusers $USERNAME
echo $USERNAME:$PASSWORD | chpasswd -m
(echo $PASSWORD ; echo $PASSWORD ) | smbpasswd -a $USERNAME
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New to this

Hi Buddy

Sorry but I'm very new to this and have no idea where I would enter the above information.

Could you provide more info?


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Those lines would be entered at the CLI in your PDC appliance

To access the CLI on your appliance you can ssh in (using terminal in Linux or an app such as PuTTY in Windows), WebShell or use the appliance console window (easy if using VirtualBox or VMware Player etc - just exit out of the configuration console).

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Ok I just set it up and I reckon I know what your problem is

In Webmin (on your PDC appliance), go to System>>Users & Groups find your user, click it. Then scroll down to "group membership", the primary group will probably be "users", that's fine but under secondary groups add "smbusers" and save.

I no longer get the error message, hopefully that works for you too.

[edit] looks like you got it working in the meantime while I was testing! Glad its all sorted. I just added a quick note on the wiki entry.

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Thanks again

Hi Buddy

Yes its all working now, even redirected the My Documents folder on XP client and works perfect.

This is really good news for people / organisations who cannot afford the expense of Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / SBS etc and then have the further expense of CALs.

I'm going to deploy this in a "live" environment where security etc isnt a concern and see how it goes.

But so far I cannot see any problems.

Maybe there should be some clarification between this and full Windows PDC.


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