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Hi All

I have created a step by step guide with screenshots on how to setup a PDC appliance.

PDC Setup Guide

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Please excuse any errors etc.


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Good work Stuart! A few comments:

  • It would be best to link to the domain controller appliance page rather than to the domain-controller ISO's download. Otherwise your readers don't see the documentation for that appliance AND won't get the new version when we come out with it (unless you remember to update that page). Also some readers might find it easier to deploy the VM build so if you link directly to the ISO they may not even realize it's available.
  • This guide also would make a great addition to the community documentation if you're up for it.
  • I've moved this thread to the general forum as it isn't really a support question/request.
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Hi Liraz

Many thanks for the positive feedback.

OK I have changed the link to the PDC main page.

Yes you can move the guide to the community documentation if you wish.


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I've added a link to your guide to the documentation. If you ever move that link, or shut down the site, drop us a line. Many thanks.

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Or is it possible to upload your tutorial somewhere else? A few people have asked after it. Cheers

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Hi Guys

Had been ill for while and did not update my site.

All is well now and links / site is back up


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Thanks for letting us know :)

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