mysql error '1045: Access denied - Redmine Backup?

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Sorry if this is just plain obvious but I'm being plagued with the mysql error '1045: Access denied for user xxx' when i try to do a mysqldump. None of my normal passwords work with 'root' as the user. Is there a manual way of backing up or is there a config file somewhere I can look at to get a hint of the password?

I installed phpmyadmin to try to work around the problem but it requires the same missing password.

Using mysqladmin -u root password xxxxx just gives me the same message (without the 1045 identifier)

Also is the database called redmine or railsapp_production by default?



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found a solution here - to reset the root password - worked a charm.

the DB is called railsapp_production.


Hope that helps someone.

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Hope you don't mind, I added to your original topic title a little to better relect the post.

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