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I have had a look around the forums and not found exactly what i want but please advise if i have missed it.


I just dicivered Turnkey Linux and it is a life saver for me now however I have loaded Turnkey LAMP onto a VPS and use this for a small business intranet which has various databases on it.

So i back the SQL every day however i would like to replicate this onto a USB drive , so say either the server goes down or the comany looses internet access at least they then have access via the usb srick temporariliy.

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure I follow exactly what you are trying to accomplish, though I'll try give some pointers.

Installing a TurnKey ISO on a USB flash drive: This question has come up before, and Liraz posted some links as well as a small script I wrote back in the day that installs an extracted ISO filesystem to a USB device.

Backup and migration: We are working on a backup and migration mechanism (1, 2) that should be released in beta very shortly.

TKLPatch: TKLPatch provides a simple way to customize and extend any appliance in the TurnKey Linux virtual appliance library.

A combination of the above might be what you're looking for, but again, I'm not exactly sure...


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There's this real cool app that you can install on a flash drive called Multiboot. It creates a bootable flash drive that contains a menu that boots up any iso image you want. So you just install a bunch of iso files (through the Multiboot interface) and voilà! If you boot a machine with that flash drive you will see a menu with all the iso images and you can select which one you'd like to boot up.

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