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I'm very green to Zimbra and have installed the appliance to play about. I already have an existing web server running on my ip and was wonder if it’s possible to change the default port from 80 to 88 for the turnkey PC?

I have forwarded the following ports in my router to my server.

7071, 12320, 12321, 22, 25, 465, 110, 995, 143, 993

I'm still waiting on my DNS server provider to give me access to the A, MX and other records to forward to my IP.

Any hints or feeds I should read be appreciated.


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Although if you forward port 443 (https) you could just use that instead (unless of course you are also already using it elsewhere too).

If you do wish to change the http (80) port then I'm not sure how its done. May be worth having a look on the Zimbra forum and/or Wiki. A quick search pulled up a few old forum threads which I think are too old to be useful, but also some Wiki info that may help: here & here.

I don't use Zimbra myself so I'm probably not directly a lot of use to you but there is an extensive thread on TKL Zimbra here which you may find useful to read. AFAIK the bugfix discussed initially in that thread is now irrellevant (since the 2009.10-2 release) but if you read the whole thread I'm sure you'll pick up some useful info.

Good luck

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