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Is MySQL part of the "Standalone Tomcat Applicance" ?

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new member...hate to post right off the bat but I looked around a bit, couldn't find the answer. 

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Tomcat appliance is Tomcat only

There is also a Tomcat/Apache appliance but neither include a database. There have been requests to include a database here and more discussions of how it might be done here but no one has yet posted clear directions on how to install and configure it although you should be able to install it by following discussion in the second link (above).

If you're keen to have a play perhaps you could try it and post back so others in future will know.

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Surprised and oh well.

The standalone tomcat is a useful app delivery platform, but how many servlet apps don't use a DB?  I'll read the links you offered, who knows, maybe if no one else does first, I'll figure it out and post one.   Still probably easier than starting from scratch.  Thanks for the enlightenment.

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I don't use Tomcat but I see your point

Considering there have been a few requests now perhaps devs need to consider a separate appliance that does include MySQL (or some other DB).

If you wish to push this forward for the upcoming release perhaps you could consider contributing a tklpatch?

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Considering it

I'll hang around and learn about the patcher, etc. and do some experiments. I'll need to make patches for my own app specific functions anyway.  If I can make one that just adds a MySQL to the standalone tomcat that would be my ideal appliance.

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You'll find plenty of info on TKLPatch following the link I provided above. TKL has a small but friendly and supportive community here (which is slowly but surely growing). Similar to other open source projects, the Devs (Alon & Liraz) have regular forum involvement - although the speed of response is dependant on their stage of the current development cycle obviously. Any questions, just ask and you're sure to get an answer from someone. :)

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We need to consider adding in MySQL in the next versions...

If I'm not mistaken the reason we didn't put in MySQL had to do with footprint considerations. The Java based appliances are already pretty big as it is. But since this has come up several times before I think we'll look into adding MySQL to Tomcat for the next versions. That would be consistent with our decision to include MySQL in the other development stacks (e.g., LAMP, Ruby on Rails, etc.)
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I'm a complete noob with AWS,

I'm a complete noob with AWS, I'll admit. 

I expect to use RDS with my tomcat-apache appliance so I can get the niceties like automated backups and such. The problem I have is that I have no clue how to connect them together. I haven't even figured out how to administer the RDS database from my tomcat-apache instance. Is there any documentation of the process anywhere?

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If everyone documents the stuff they figure out...

If everyone pitches in we'll have plenty of documentation all around. Remember it's very difficult for just the core team to cover all possible usage scenarios so I'd like to strongly recommend everyone shares the stuff they figure out on the community docs wiki. Or at least on the forums so we can move it there later.

It takes a bit of extra effort for the individual initially but in the longer run it will save everyone in the community a ton of time and effort. Pity to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

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