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I am need some guidance on this.  I am not sure to what to watch out for.  My first attempt it appeareds  that every thing is working.  I guess I need some clarification on few points.

The tklpatch, does it need to modified every time you build an appliance?

Can I build right of the repositories, Right?

Where do I up load for testing to get feed back, and in what form do I need to post it in?

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I'd suggest you have a good read of the TKLPatch documentation. I think you'll find that'll answer most of your questions, but if you have more please post back here.

For ease (and I'm feeling generous) I'll give you a little bit more info here: The idea is that you create a prototype appliance (it's strongly advised that you create comprehensive build notes as you go) from a preexisting ISO (ideally TKL Lucid Core beta ATM but any TKL ISO is ok) and then recreate the steps you took within a TKLPatch (sort of like an install script but with much more leverage and versitility). The TKLPatch only needs to be created once per new appliance and then an ISO only needs to be patched once.

Yes, within a TKLPatch you can build from the repos, you can also include custom config (or other) files, include .debs (which are auto installed) and lots of other geekishly cool stuff!

For specifics re publishing your patch see the TKLPatch documentation here.

Hope that heads you in the right direction.

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Think I bit more off than I should have.

 Cool, its I feel at little rushed right now.  I really love this system. I have turnkeyed a few of my friends to here.

Again thanks so much for the help and the guidance. 


In Addition

This is my first open source project. As well what you have said has helped out a lot. I am even more excited about my contribution to this community.

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Its a small but friendly and helpful community here. I'm a bit of a Linux newb but know my way round the TKL (and Ubuntu) basics pretty well I think. Anything you need a hand with just ask and hopefully someone will be able to help (although if its specific to an app then I'd probably also post on their forum or email list too).

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