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How to install webmins modules from script

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Hi guys! I was wondering if you had a simple way to install webmins modules from within a script, to incorporate them on the TKLPatchs, I did a test installing them mannually via the gui, but of course the idea is that the patch install them. 

If you could briefly explain how to or point me in the right direction I can continue from there. 


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Check if they're in the TKL repo

Most of them are (even ones not used by current TKL appliances). From memory they all have the prefix 'webmin-' so they're easy to find using apt-cache search. Then its only an apt-get install away. So they can just go in the conf.

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Easy solution!

I forgot to look into the obvious: the deb packages... Thanks Jed! Some time happens to me that I try to find a complex solution to an easy problem. I'll check the repos. yes

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Hehe :)

It's always the way isn't it. Its so easy for our thinking to get in a rut without seeing the other possible options. I know, I do exactly the same thing! That's the great thing about such a warm friendly community. We can help each other out and get the hurdle overcome without it being a big deal! (Now lets just hope the module you want is there...)