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I wasn't sure if this topic should belong under the general forum, so apologies if it's misplaced.


Looking around the forums, I see that there has been some discussion of adding LDAP to the next version of the PDC appliance and/or creating an LDAP appliance.  I wanted to know if either of those options are still being entertained.

The second thing I'd like to ask about is if anyone has had any luck with the webmin modules for LDAP.  Do they work well with Samba?  Any hints on how I might configure them to set Group Policy Objects for my users?

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Obviously I can't speak for the devs, but Adrian designed an OpenLDAP appliance patch which received a warm response from Liraz (one of the TKL core devs) so I strongly suspect that it will make it into the next release. But we won't know for sure until release time. In the meantime you can test it out if you want by patching TKL-Core-Lucid (either the ISO or the installed system). Have a read up on TKLPatch. I'm sure Adrian would appreciate some feedback on it. Now is probably a really good time too, because any tweaks will probably be able to be included prior to release.

As for LDAP being added to PDC, not sure about that, I think we'll have to wait and see what happens.

I can't answer your other questions either as I am a complete LDAP newb. Knowing Adrian's attention to detail I strongly suspect that the Webmin module would be included with Adrian's patch (link above). If not let us know.

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But hopefully it will be sometime soon. If you like to be informed when it is released than I suggest you sign up to the blog as that's where the core devs will announce it.

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