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Connecting to mysql from another host

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I want to set up my turnkey lamp appliance so that I can connect to mysql from another host using tools like mysql administrator, phprunner, etc. I have set up a user account for this, and set the 'hosts' to '%', but connection is still refused. I recall that allowing connections from other hosts is disabled as standard as a security precaution, but that doesn't worry me (this is a virtual test server on a private lan). Does anyone know how to enable access from another host?

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Have a look in the docs

Have a look here. That was written to apply to the current stable releases (v2009.10-2) but I would think that it'd apply to the v11.0RC too. Let us know how you go, particularly if you're using the RC. It'd be good to confirm the instructions apply to that too.

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Thanks you for the reply.

Thanks you for the reply.

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I am looking for the same

I am looking for the same thing./..i want to do it for my clients wordpress blog..I am not so good in coding..so any plugin or tool that can help me.  seencuentra.com is  blog..

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