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Simple ... perhaps?

But unfortunately incompletely instructed for the novice to follow.


Step (1) indicates where to acquire the source.

Step (2) indicates how to launch the installer.

What's missing is how to get it downloaded, where to place it, how to decompress it (including possibly, where to place the extracted files/folders and perhaps the folder name, if a folder needs created manually).

I attempted to "guess" the above missing steps to the best of my intuition. I downloaded the tar file with my Windows workstation and used the Webmin console's upload function. I selected upload to '/', with the "decompress then delete" option. It completed successfully and I had a new folder in the root called, "turnkeylinux-tklpatch-f9f8506".

So in continuing the intuitive guessing, I continued with step (2), figuring the 'tklpatch directory' was that new top-level folder created;

	root@core ~# cd /turnkeylinux-tklpatch-f9f8506 

	root@core /turnkeylinux-tklpatch-f9f8506# make install 

	-bash: make: command not found 

	root@core /turnkeylinux-tklpatch-f9f8506#

Well, so much for intuition.

Help, anyone !

BTW: I did try the 'git' option. Cut-n-pasted the command directly at the 'root@core ~#' prompt. Unfortunately I receive the same 'command not found' as above.


When does the simple part start.   ::grin::

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The easiest way to install tklpatch and its dependencies are via the package manager. Just log into your TurnKey installation and execute:

apt-get update
apt-get install tklpatch

Maybe we should tweak the documentation a little for the novice...

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Yeah, I think we should put the apt-get installation instructions first. We probably should also include installation instructions for make and git to the git installation instructions.

In fact I'll do it now! :)

[update] just updated the docs. I put the apt-get instructions first and included a little more info for those who wish to install from source. Could you please have a look dasanco and see what you think and if that explains it all a little better. As you should see from my additional notes, the reason why you were getting those errors is because you had to install make first (and git-core for using git).

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Although I have been on a stiff diet of linux the past 4 weeks, I still see a vast improvement in the clarity of the instructions.

However, my general understanding of linux has improved a bit due to my diligent effort of figuring out how to install Zimbra 6.0.10 onto TKL11. So I may no longer be the best judge, from a novice prespective.

In any case, thank you for your hard work. I'm sure the next novice will appreciate your effort!

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Basically a full walk through of how to install a Patch is there.

Look up "patch magento" and it should show up.  Magento Patch is still going though the full install is more than awesome and will save you several hours just going that way.

that said, patch install is pretty well "analoged" there.

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