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I am new to Linux and new to Turnkey. I like the concept very well.

I successfully installed some appliances from Turnkey but still have some fights with all the network options VirtualBox offers. Right now I can only access the appliances if I use NAT with forewarding of port 8080 to port 80. Then I use http://localhost:8080 under Vista to get access. Is there a way to give a name to the virtual machine that I can access it as http://servername:8080?

Another questions is: How to share my local virtual machine with other (windows) clients in my LAN?



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If you have a look here you can see the differences between the networking options available.

Once you have your networking issues solved, there are a number of threads on the forums about access via hostname. Have a look through these (they are in no particular order) and see if they help.

If none of that helps or you get confused by it all, please post back.

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