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Launching Appliance directly vs. via the Hub

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Over on http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/ec2/ami I see this:

Subscription Product Code: BA39B70F

Note: TurnKey Hub users don't need this, only advanced EC2 users who want to access TurnKey's images directly through Amazon EC2's API.

Note te "Note" part.  I just started a Redmine instance directly via EC2 (Console).  In the process I had to get the subscription to that product code.  The cost shown was $0.00.


* Is this price of $0.00 ever going to change or will launching appliances directly remain free?

* If I launch an appliance directly (vs. using the Hub) can I still back up (fully and incrementally) and restore via tklbam, right?

* What am I losing by launching appliances like this myself vs. via the Hub?




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