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I'm a newbie to turnkey.  I'm trying to launch an appliance on us-west-1 region and I'm just navigating between the below 2 pages in a forever loop. 

1. Launch to Amazon EC2

2. Enable TurnKey Linux on Amazon EC2 -> Sign up for turnkey linux on Amazon EC2

Any help is appreciated.



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It will then hopefully receive some priority assistance. It will also make it clear who you are (ie the devs will be able to see if its something specific to your account and/or where you are going wrong).

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So far every time this has happened it has been an issue with the payment device (e.g., credit card) provided to Amazon. They have a fraud detection system intended to protect EC2 that sometimes goes haywire.

We need to add some logic to the Hub to detect these edge cases so it doesn't go into an infinite loop and confuse users.

You can help confirm or deny this hypothesis by going to the AWS subscriptions page and checking whether  the status of "TurnKey Linux on EC2" is active and not pending. Eventually Amazon should either send you an e-mail notifying you of either:

  • a successful subscription
  • failure to authorize your payment device.

If your payment device is giving Amazon trouble, try using another another one.  Sorry about.

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Thanks for the response. 

On Amazon page, it says

Turnkey Linux on EC2 .. "Authorizing your account to access this application"

Amazon support says  it can take 24 hours for authorization



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Hiccups on credit card authorization. It's resolved now.


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