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When I was installing the Ruby on Rails appliance, I told it to update the security.  After a awhile, it timed out.

I could be mistaken in what I copied from the screen.

I wrote:



Later in a webshell, I enter cronapt but the command was not found.

Based on the log file entry, I typed cron-apt which seems to work.


On the off chance that I did copy the message correctly and you have a typo in your instructions, I am letting you know.

If the error is my part because I cannot read, sorry for the intrusion.

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Hi Mike, yep this seems to be a typo we missed. It only shows up if you're unable to connect to the package archive so it was easy to overlook. Thanks for reporting it. I've committed a fix to the sources, and this bugfix along with others will be rolled into the next maintenance release.
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Woops! On one hand we did fix that in the source code

So the fix will automatically apply to the next version of TurnKey that is built from source but we neglected to apply that as a patch to the maintenance update.

Sorry about that.

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