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A question on full backups

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I have forced tklbam-backup to make a full backup once per day by editing /etc/tklbam/conf.

I now have 2 full backups and several incremental backups stored on S3 for this machine.

After reading this post:


I expected the older full to 'roll off' and leave only the most current.

Can you please explain the normal behavior of full backups and whether there is a way to modify this?

Making frequent fulls, as suggested in several posts to keep the 'chain' fairly short, would use a great deal of storage space this way. Plus it seems to me that the older backups no longer serve a purpose once a new full is made.

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I assume for your post on that thread that your Q is answered?

I notice that you posted this after you started this thread so I guess you're right now? Or is there still some unanswered question?

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OK for now.........

Liraz posted the answer in another thread here:



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