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hi ppl,

last nite, im install a new turnkey lamp and doing a full system-upgrade

#apt-get dist-upgrade.

after that.. while setting up udev, it take too long and no respond after that..

anyone know how to fix it ?

im already done with #dpkg --configure -a, but no luck.


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It is a known upstream Ubuntu bug. Have a read of this thread here.

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yeah... im already figure out that problem come from ubuntu..

thanks for information...

by da way.. im a big fan on TKL

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From a VM, LiveCD or installed instance the upgrade to the above version causes this hang.

This is very wierd because I did an 'apt-get upgrade' to an install on this same hardware last week with no issue.

udev updated from 151-12.2 (version in tkl dokuwiki 11.1) to the .3 release in November so apparently it's not the issue.

The problem lies somewhere other than udev itself.

I will post this to 'buntu bugs.

BTW: Killing the udev restart process and rebooting (As in the post referenced above) works fine on an install.

Sux to be me on a liveCD though. frown

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Tried installing udev first, by itself, on a liveCD.

Same hang.

So......WHY.....did upgrades work last week?

Very strange.

This seems to be an issue people have been having for some time. Yet I am just now encountering it.

Any thoughts?

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Setting up udev (151-12.3) is still pooched.

Anyone have any further insight into this issue?


-Twilight ;.,

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And as such it is pretty much outside of the scope of TKL to fix unfortunately. :(

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I'm also hanging up on the udev part, in both Trac and MySQL.

Are you saying there's no work-around, and that we basically can't use these appliances?

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TurnKey has never hanged for me. The problem seems to be only relevant to those who insist on doing a dist-upgrade. If you can provide precise instructions for reproducing the problem from a clean install, that would be helpful.
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If you follow the link that I posted (second post in this thread) it links to another TKL thread where there is a clear step-by-step workaround.

@Liraz it even does it with apt-get upgrade. I have experienced it both under KVM (via Proxmox) and VirtualBox (3.2.x under Ubuntu 10.04). It is a comfirmed upstream Ubuntu bug but it only seems to occur with a specific mix of server components and only on some hardware cofigurations (hence I guess why nobody has fixed it). The Ubuntu bug (of which there is a link to on the other thread, or under the udev bug on the TKL bugtracker) has only been confirmed on a headless server setup.

I can reproduce the bug any/everytime from a clean install of pretty much any of the TKL appliances (I recall Core does it so I guess all the others will too), simply run:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

and that'll do it!

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I admit I didn't realize such a terrible bug could really have sneaked through into 10.04, which is supposed to be a more stable Long Term Release. I am truly disappointed that Ubuntu let this happen and it's another argument for supporting Debian and maybe even making Debian the default distribution.

I'm thinking as a workaround maybe we should release a security update that puts udev on hold.

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Holding udev seems to work fine though, I've been doing it since the TKL Lucid beta.

And AFAIK the udev updates are not security related so it shouldn't cause any issues by holding it back.

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at the risk of sounding stupid...

i'm not exactly sure what you mean by putting udev on hold.  is there a manual workaround? 

i'm not a pro at apt-get/dpkg etcetera.  can i set udev to go back a version or two? would that work? if so how?

... and thanks for all your work with TKL! :)


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this is how it occurred (from fresh tkl LAMP v11.1 install), and how I got it working.

I really should have tried harder before asking for help. my apologies.

this worked (at least on my box):

root@box$ aptitude install htop
          --aptitude is not found. complains. no prob. i'll install it. i like aptitude. --
root@box$ apt-get install aptitude
          --installs aptitude without complaints--

root@box$ aptitude search htop
          -- yep, not installed yet. no prob. --

root@box$  aptitude install htop
           -- installs htop without complaints--

root@box$ aptitude update ; aptitude safe-upgrade
          -- issue pops up here. it hangs on udev as described above. --

root@box$ reboot # reboot in case it helps
          -- log in via ssh again --
root@box$ apt-get update
          -- complains and sugggests running "dpkg --configure -a". ok. lets try that. --

root@box$ dpkg --configure -a
          -- runs ok. asks about grub version to keep/replace, but does not have any complaints --

root@box$ apt-get update
          -- runs as usual. does not complain --

root@box$ aptitude safe-upgrade
          -- says there is nothing to change. looks like issue is resolved. --


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And what you did all seems to have worked so good stuff. The point of putting udev on hold though is to stop it from ever being an issue again (hopefully) as it will be held at the current version (and not update). The downside is that if a security issue occurs with udev, it will not get updated then either. I'm hoping that that is unlikely... (which is probably a poor atitude!)

AFAIK you can put hold on packages from within aptitude too (rather than using dpkg) but as I don't use it I'm not sure how to. I'm sure google knows! :)

PS Remember that there is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people! :P No just joking! I think if you go back through these forums to when I first started using TKL you will find me saying lots of stupid things and asking silly questions - so it's all good. I'm always happy to help out as much as possible, especially when people have made at least some effort to have a go and aren't asking for unreasonable levels of hand-holding. Besides, I think for every question that gets asked there's probably at least a dozen people wondering the same thing...

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I tried these steps, and they did not work on my box. at the last step (#aptitude safe-upgrade) it says errors were encountered while processing:


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Here. That should get you going.

PS sorry for slow reply.

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