I'm workng on a patch, presented here. I'd lile to limit who has access to the application via Apache2. The app resides at /var/www/virtualbox.

I feel like I've done my due diligence, so might try my luck here. Although it's directly related to TKL, it is relevant to a TKLPatch, so I'm hoping I'm not pushing my luck too much.

I've followed all the docs I have access too, even to the point of reading the Apache Cookbook on my iPhone (yes, once again I am ashamed - but listen to this - there's a free app that controls ESXi virtual machines - kinda cool). In any event, I'm stuck.

I've created a htpasswd file at /var/virtualbox/.security. It contains the following:


Ownership is www-data:www-data.

I've created an htaccess file at /var/www/virtualbox/.htaccess. It contains the following:

AuthType basic

AuthName phpvirtualbox

AuthBasicProvider file

AuthUserFile /var/virtualbox/.security

Require user virtualbox

It to0 belongs to www-data:www-data.

WHat am I missing if I'm looking to password protect /var/www/virtualbox to allow just the user named virtualbox into the site?

I have a2enabled auth_basic.

Many thanks in advance for at the very least your patience.


Besides the several typos that were reflected in my above post: it seemed it didn't want to take the directives in /var/www/virtualbox/.htaccess .

I moved similar directives between <Directory /> tags in the site conf (000-default, i think in this case) and it worked. Now to get it going in a script.

I can't account from the docs why it would work in the site conf but not in the .htaccess file. any ideas?

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You can configure Apache to allow or disable the htaccess configuration file the AllowOverride directive. Maybe that's what is happening in your tests.See the Apache .htaccess tutorial for details.

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