Guys, I just installed turnkey drupal and I can't load any themes. I'm using filezilla to SFTP into the files but I don't see a themes folder. The readme.txt file said to put the theme in the sites/all/themes folder. But I don't have one. Also the only way I can SFTP in is with root. Did I do something wrong? Please help Thanks
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So I'm no help to you there, but by default there is only the root account. You can set up other user accounts no worries, but be aware that they will also have shell access by default and will still be able to view/download all files unless you chroot them (do a search of the forums and you should find plenty of info about setting that up).

Thanks for the root advice. The drupal themes folder was buried deep into the installation. Thanks for the quick response.


FYI: Just in case anyone else is new to drupal here it is.


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