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Hi Gents,

The ACL configuration in your dokuwiki appliance isn't functioning correctly due to a bug in the ajax configuration.

The problem is in the php script /var/lib/dokuwiki/plugins/acl/ajax.php

if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC',dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../');

This is pointing to the wrong path

if(!defined('DOKU_INC')) define('DOKU_INC','/usr/share/dokuwiki/');

resolved the issue for me

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PS I just removed the extra line breaks from the end of your post. If you get a chance before me, it may also be worth noting on the bug tracker.

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Would this be the same problem with the ACLs on Turnkey PDC?
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If you read the first post carefully you'll see the bug is in an ajax script in: /var/lib/dokuwiki/plugins/acl/ajax.php

That looks like a DokuWiki specific script to me. :)

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I realize that the post was specifically about a dokuwiki problem, but I was asking if the same sort of thing could account for the difficulties I have been having. Please disregard the question.
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Yep, I had this problem in a custom dokuwiki where I moved the plugins directory out of my public_html, then set a symlink. The problem was that __FILE__ points to the symlink-dereferenced location, so ajax.php couldn't find the rest of the dokuwiki code.

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I just installed a dokuwiki today via the dokuwiki-downloader.php script from splitbrain, on godaddy servers, at

The ACL is not working. I found this article, and made the recommended change, and it still is not working.  Nobody on #dokuwiki @freenode is responding.

Permissions for logged in admin seems fine, but I have @ALL set to 1 (read), yet, nobody who is not logged in can read the site.  They just see the login page.

Now, since I don't have root access, and installed via splitbrain's script, I imagine dokuwiki is not in /usr/bin...

To which file in the installation should I be pointing with this?

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

This fixed a bunch of plugin problems for me, including ACL, indexmenu, and tag. I've been searching for a fix for months!

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