I've attempted to login to a couple of Turnkey appliances with Internet Explorer but login fails.  Logins are successful with Firefox.

I'd like to throw IE out the window, but unfortunately it's the corporate browser.

I've tried several version and changed IE settings, but no success.

No error messages are displayed.  The userid and password fields just reset.

Any help would be appreciated!



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1.) What component on the appliance are you trying to log into, webshell, webmin or the main application? And which appliance(s) are you trying?

2.) You said IE was the 'corporate browser', has it had any policies applied, or modifications done to restrict access to any sites?

3.) Where is the appliance, on the LAN or hosted on Amazon or somewhere else?

4.) Has FireFox been tried from the same machine that IE was? (Firewall issue?)

Let us know and I'll rack my brain a bit more. :-)

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The first thing that sprang to mind for me is the possibility of (corporate) policy restricting or denying self signed certificates. Obviously though that would only apply to https connections, and is really just a guess.

If you give a bit more specific info by answering Don's questions hopefully we can help you sort this out.

Hi Don, thanks for the reply.

webshell and webmin work fine, but web http or https doesn't work with IE.  Here's the url before login...


and here's the url after I attempt to login with admin or a another user account...


The login screen remains visible.

I've put IE at its lowest security setting, but still no positive results.

I've tried IE on our corporate XP desktop and a fresh build of Windows 7 and both produce the same result.  I also checked the event logs but nothing was found.

I get the same result with the Redmine OVF and the ProjectPier OVF running in Virtualbox on my local Linux workstation.  DNS records haven't been created and my workstation firewall has been disabled.  

From the same workstation, we get positive results with Firefox but not with IE.



What's funny is that I almost consider this to be a feature!  I'd love to see our department ditch IE. :)




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I remember it well from the last time I used it, about two years ago. laugh

I'll get it loaded on a machine (my one remaining Windows machine) here and give it a try.

Just curious though: If you put the IP and hostname of the appliance in the hosts file on the Windows machine what happens?

(C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Vista)

For instance:



DNS can cause some very wierd things, especially on a web app where the pages refer to one another by hostname rather than IP address.

Thanks Don,

I'll update the hosts file and see what happens.

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Love the 'feature' remark! wink

Ya I'm a lonely Linux user surrounded by Windows PCs.  That's OK though... I make fun of them all the time! ;)

Sorry guys,

I should have picked up on this earlier.  If I check "remember me for 14 days" login from IE is successful.  Without the check, nothing happens.

So redmine seem to be fine, but projectpier requires the check on remember me.  I'm going to go back to the users who had difficulty with redmine and IE to see if their login problem with redmine is valid.

Redmine works fine with IE, so the problem was only with projectpier.  Sorry about the confusion!


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