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Dear All,
first let me congratulate for the excellent applications in the 
turnkey linux library. I've downloaded the turnkey core iso 
(version Ubuntu 10.04.1) and installed in a vmware virtual 
machine. I've installed my application and wanted to make a 
redistributable iso image, following the convert vm to iso
I've successfully managed to create the iso. The problem
occurs when I boot from the new created iso, no bootsplash
and bootmenu are available even if I've followed this part
of the howto:
Bonus: By default the ISO will boot automatically. If you want to include 
the TurnKey bootsplash and bootmenu, extract the cdroot from a TurnKey
ISO and tell tklpatch-prepare-cdroot to use it as a template.
tklpatch-extractiso turnkey-core.iso
tklpatch-prepare-cdroot turnkey-core.rootfs/ turnkey-core.cdroot/
tklpatch-geniso turnkey-core.cdroot/
The iso boot without bootmenu and ends to the confconsolle panel were
I'm able to install my application. I'd like to have the bootmenu working
What I'm doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance,
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TKLPatch is probably more suited to what you are trying to acheive. The added bonus of creating and publishing a patch is that assuming it has use for others, it may even make it into the official TKL appliance lineup. Beyond the TKLPatch documentation, you may also find disecting others' patches is also useful?

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Hi Jeremy,

thanks for your reply, my goal is to install and configure on a VM one django application and distribute it via iso image to some developers. We successfully managed to do it with the old version of the turnkey core (ubuntu 8.04), following the above howto we didn't have problems to build an iso image with the proper bootmenu and bootsplash. Actually we think that something has changed in the new iso build process that make the bootmenu and the bootsplash unavailable, at least for us. Do we need to enable something in the first boot options?. Has anyone noticed the bootmenu problem in the latest Turnkey release, there's any workaround or hint that we need to know to let the bootmenu and bootsplash work properly?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm not sure but perhaps that blog post is a little outdated now? Looking at the date of the post I would assume that the post was written with the older (v2009.x) appliances in mind. Ubuntu 10.04 - the basis for TKL v11.x - was released 2 months after that blog and quite a few things have changed significantly between the versions.

So I can not help you do what you want to do. I don't know enough about it to even try to head you in the right direction.

Although TKLPatch may not be what you are looking for, it still may (quite easily) acheive your end goal. How easy it is depends on how Django apps work (I have no idea). If you can simply drop some files in a folder and tweak a config file or 2 then it should be really easy (just put the files in the overlay folder of a patch and customise the hostname in the conf file).

If it's not that stright forward then it may involve a little more mucking around but would hopefully still be worth the effort. If it can be done easily enough from the command line, then that can just be transposed to a patch conf file, with your app either downloaded (using wget) or the app installer/package/archive included in the overlay.

Worst case scenario (app needs to be installed within the web interface) could be a little painful but surely doable.

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