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I am wondering when the Zimbra appliance will be migrated to the Lucid 10x Build.

I will likely do a test install, but I am apprehensive about installying the Hardy build and trying to migrate to the Lucid build.  This did not work for me in Joomla so I am only assuming the same.  There are several enhancements within the Lucid builds (thank you for making these) that I would like to have in a Zimbra setup (assuming we make the decision to live with Zimbra).

What other Appliances are awaiting update?  I recall Postgre DBMS.  Are there others?

Thank you for for building these great systems!

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I am not sure how "open source" VMWare has their systems...  Seems if you want Active Sync and some other features they are pushing you up the ladder.  I expect it is the OpenSource version of Zimbra that is in the TKL build. 

these are the Zimbra packages: http://www.zimbra.com/products/compare_products.html

I am testing the hosted version from:  http://www.01.com/ 

Has anyone "upgraded" the TKL OpenSource to the Zimbra Standard & Pro or Network versions?  I have not been able to get a hold on pricing, but it seems they want to sell packages in lots of 25  for the Network version.  (Less for their Starter versions)...

We need to move on, it seems, from our current Email system.  Zimbra seems compelling.

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TKL appliances uses Open Source software only for their appliances so you are right there.

I'm not sure what the core devs are up to with Zimbra. I haven't spoken with them about it but it will be a tricky one as Zimbra is not supported on Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit. So unless the devs want to hack the upstream installer and hope for the best, it may have to wait until TKL releases 64 bit appliances. The only other option is to just update the legacy version (with a newer version of Zimbra) as it still supports Ubuntu 8.04 32 bits AFAIK.

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bigger question.  how to update the legacy version of Zimbra?  Maybe there should be a 9.x build with this...

the push to 64bits is irritating.  That is the problem w/ our current email as well (FirstClass.com).

We will get something to work I am sure.  Thanks for the comment.

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Sorry I have spent a fair bit of time in forums over the years and find it second nature.

FYI (For Your Information) here are a couple more that I use lots:
ATM - At The Moment
IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IMO or IMHO - In My (Humble) Opinion
Anyway, back to the topic at hand, hopefully it's relatively straight forward to upgrade the current TKL Zimbra to a later version. Have a look on the Zimbra website (just keep in mind that TKL legacy/v2009.x is Ubuntu Hardy/8.04 under the hood).
[edit/update] I did a quick search and came across some interesting info. From my reading it seems very straight forward to upgrade. I could be wrong but it looks like you just download the v6 tarball and run the install script. Be great if you tried it (probably best on a clean TKL Zimbra install so if anything goes wrong, no risk of data loss). Let us know how it goes. Here's some documentation that I'm sure you'd find useful:
and of course the download page.

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