I've just downloaded the latest Redmine turnkey ISO image, burned it to a CD and booted it.  Because I wanted to see what it was like before I installed it, I used the LiveCD option to run it from the CD.  Everything seems to go fine and the screen shows what it should, but when I try to run Redmine from a browser on another computer, I get an error message on the browser screen, and the window title says error 500.

I can log onto the :12321 port and get the configuration interface and the :12320 port and get the command line, which shows proper connectivity, but I can't run Redmine.

Might this error simply mean that from the LiveCD, there is no Redmine database?  Or that some configuration or other might be missing or unable to be created (because it's a CD)?

Or is Redmine supposed to run from the LiveCD and I've just done something wrong (although all I did was burn the CD and boot from it)?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Peter


I gave up and installed the Redmine Appliance onto a spare HDD, and now it works fine.  It seems like the LiveCD option for Redmine simply doesn't work.


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Thanks for reporting.

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