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I am trying to register a snapshot on ec2 with the following command:



ec2-register -s snap-12345 -a i386 -d "Description of AMI" -n "name-of-image" -k aki-12345 -r ari-12345
the thing here is that i do not know what to put on aki and ari values, the instance snapshot its Moodle, i read that i can get that nfo from the instance that i take th snapshot from, but i do not now how r where i can get that info.
can someone help on this please?
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With the release of TurnKey 11, we moved to using Amazon's published PV kernels which chains into the image itself and boots the bundled ramdisk and kernel, allowing for kernel security updates. This also means we don't need to specify a ramdisk.

I've never used EC2 snapshots, never found a need for it (read as TKLBAM rocks), but none the less, below are the AKI's associated with the 11.1 batch of AMI's.

us-east: aki-407d9529
us-west: aki-99a0f1dc
eu-west: aki-4deec439
ap-southeast: aki-13d5aa41
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Thank you very much i really apreciate it , and do you know where i can get the ARI ?

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You shouldn't need the ARI (AFAIK), as the TKL images are bundled without them. Maybe you are using and old version of the ec2tools which don't support non-ari images.

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I tried register the snapshot without the ari and ami and it creates de AMI, and i can launch the instance from the AMI and it shows that is running but when i tried to access it through the public DNS it did not show anything, it pings and everyting but i just get a page not found or timeouts on loading the site.


i read that its because i did not set the values of the Ari and Aki on the snapshopt registration, that is why i am trying to set those values on the snapshot registration and see if that makes the change.


Thank you

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