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I just downloaded to use in VirtualBox and updating it fails while upgrading from udev_151-12.2 to udev_151-12.3  Please advise.

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You are not the first to experience this.

This is a known bug which TKL has inherited from Ubuntu (The basis of TKL appliances). The workaround is detailed in this thread. A bit more conversation on the issue can be found on this thread if you're interested.

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I was getting this error too. dpkg was freezing. traced mine back to broken symbolic link in \etc\initramfs-tools\modules poing to a non-existent /etc/initramfs-tools/modules.BeforeVMToolsInstall.

did apt-get purge vmware-tools

successfully ran dpkg --configure -a afterwards

apt-get successfully runs now

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And thanks for posting. Although not sure if that's the same issue myself and others have been having (as I am using TKL installed from ISO and never had VMWare installed).

For me, once fixed it's fine but reoccurs everytime that the udev package is upgraded (hence why I have put a hold on udev - as stated on the other thread I linked to above).

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