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I restored the backup from TKL HUB to another TKL that is hosted by XLS hosting. After restarting TKL an error appears (see attached file). then i decided to rollback. but the error still there.

I tried tklbam-restore from shell command but the got the same error.

Here's my 2 TKL versions:

Backup of TKL version: Webmin 1.520 on lamp_stack (Ubuntu Linux 10.04.1)

Restored to TKL version: Webmin 1.490 on lamp_stack (Ubuntu Linux 8.04.3)

how can we resolve this error?



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You forgot to attach the screenshot... Alternatively just copy/paste the traceback.

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According to the screenshots, it seems that there might be a DNS issue (hub.turnkeylinux.org not resolving). Can you ping hub.turnkeylinux.org from the target appliance? Please make sure that the nameservers are configured correctly (/etc/resolv.conf).

If there are no connectivity issues, please install the latest version of TKLBAM (apt-get update; apt-get install tklbam), and try again.

We've never tried restoring a 11.1 appliance backup to a legacy appliance, interesting...

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thanks alon s. it's now working, haven't realized that it was only a DNS issue.

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