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Tracks 2.0 appliance?

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I wonder if anyone familiar with Ruby on rails and Tracks would be able to create a Tracks 2.0 version of the Tracks appliance? It is in RC mode right now, and it would be nice to put one up and check out functionality.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Ruby on rails way of working, so I really cant put a server up. But if anyone could help me with the appliance I can put up a public server for anyone else than me interested in trying 2.0 out. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me.





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... still waiting

Tracks 2.0 is out some months now, I'd like to see an appliance update, too. If only I had the time to write a TKLpatch myself but I have two kids and lots of work at the moment...

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Also interested

At this moment trying Turnkey Core and installing  http://getontracks.org/ on top of it, I will comment on the experience.

Is there any tutorial on how to create a Turnkey appliance??

I think I will go  http://www.turnkeylinux.org/help/dev

At this point I am just evaluating tracks, if I found it worthy for our organisation I shall search for ways to contribute to the tracks project and also I am newby on turnkey, so we shall see.

Anyway, I am also interested in a Tracks 2.0 turnkey appliance.



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It may be easier to install/update Tracks to v2.0

I'm not sure but I suspect that it may be easier to update the version of Tracks installed on the TKL Tracks appliance than start from scratch (assuming that all the dependancies are satisfied - which I'm not sure about). I'm hoping that Ubuntu 12.04 based TKL appliances won't be too far behind the official release of Ubuntu 12.04. When that happens we should see an official TKLv12.x/Tracks v2.0 appliance.

However if you wish to persist, then if you keep in mind that TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid then you should find plenty of info online about how to install stuff. From what I can gather Tracks v2.0 should install fine to TKLv11.x/Ubuntu10.04.

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