Is it possible or should I wait for official Turnkey Redmine VM release? As I can see, new VM-s are released rare so I would like to make upgrade by myself from time to time.

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But the question is how hard is it. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to that.

I imagine that an official updated/upgraded TKL appliance probably won't be available anytime soon as the core devs have their hands pretty full.

But if you're not scared to get your hands dirty I can give you a pointer for starters:

From the Redmine appliance changelog page we can see that Redmine comes from an upstream tarball. So it may be worth doing some googling around upgrading Redmine on Ubuntu 10.04 (the basis of TKL v11.x). Make sure you've got your data backed up (TKLBAM is a good option), and I'd recommend doing the upgrade on a clean (VM) install of TKL Redmine first. Once you have the upgrade process working properly then try updating your appliance (I can't stress enough that you make sure you have all your data backed up first!)

Make sure you document every step carefully and if you would like to help others follow in your footsteps you could even produce a TKLPatch. Even if you don't/can't create a patch, if you post the documentation you will help others. And you never know, maybe I'll produce an unofficial updated appliance and upload it to the TKL Community Downloads SourceForge page...

Good luck and let us know how you progress.

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