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Installed TurnKey LAMP server; allowed all updates.  LAMP server is at  Created a directory (/var/www/  I have a share on a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ named PicturesMaster that I want to mount at that directory.  ReadyNAS is at  ReadyNAS help says to use "mount /var/www/".  This results in a mount error listing a dozen possible causes.  I did all this as root.

I can mount that share on an older UBUNTU LAMP server (v8.04 ... but as CIFS ... though I don't remember how I created the mount point, the names are the same ... I must have installed SAMBA).  I can map that share on Windows 2000 and Windows 7.

What did I miss, please?



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And is possibly the easiest way to go. If it's a Linux based NAS (as many of them are) then NFS (Linux native Network File System) may be an option though. I haven't had much experience with it but from my reading it's probably the best and most robust solution but you will need to consult your NAS documentation and/or manufacturer for NAS setup. To setup your TKL server as a NFS client consult the Ubuntu (basis of TKL) docs here.

If you wish to go with Samba then the Samba client can be installed easily from the commandline:

apt-get update
apt-get install smbfs

Mounting the share is pretty easy from memory (although I don't remember the exact commands). Have read of the Ubuntu docs here. If you wish for the share to be auto mounted on boot then you will also need to add an entry to fstab (the info is in the docs).

You may need to alter some of the commands that are noted, for example where 'sudo' is used it can just be omitted. Perhaps if you can document & post the steps you take as this will help others (and yourself if you wish to do it again in the future).

Sorry I can't give you more exact details. Have a go with that and if you hit any issues post and I will try to helkp out.

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Thanks Jeremy.  You pointed me to the document I needed (here). 

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Glad you got it sorted. :)

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